Podiatry - Cleanroom and Laboratory Furniture

Stainless steel cupboard
Stainless steel bench with cupboard
Polypropylene table
Polypropylene cupboard with clear doors
Oven hood extraction system
Modular sink and workstation configurations
Fully height adjustable stainless steel sinks

Podiatry - Fume Cupboards and Downdraught Table

Ducted fume cupboard in polypropylene or stainless steel
Downdraught pod in workbench
Downdraught bench with sink unit

Podiatry - Laminar Airflow Environments

Floorstanding VLF Module
Mobile pharmaceutical horizontal laminar flow cabinet

Podiatry - Transfer Hatches

Polypropylene mechanically interlocked transfer hatch
Stainless steel mechanically interlocked transfer hatch