Felcon wet processing tools are used where substrates or products require chemical etching or cleaning.  This is often as part of a larger manufacture of silicone wafers for example, or in medical applications such as stent manufacture. Felcon Wet Benches are either manually operated or automatically operated with robotic product transfer. Felcon Wet Benches may be built using “FM” (Factory Mutual) materials of construction with optional fire detection and suppression systems. They are suitable for all types of cleanrooms and may also incorporate Laminar Air Flow with HEPA filters. 


Take a look below at a few examples of equipment provided by The Felcon Group.

Wet Processing - Parts Cleaning and Chemical Handling

Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner
Triple Chamber Vertical Quartz Parts and Preform Washer
Vertical Qauartz Diffusion Tube Washer
Horizonatl Laminar Flow Quartz Tube Storage Cabinet
Vertical Laminar Flow Quartz Tube Storage cabinet
Mobile Pump Dispnse Cart with filtration
Twin Drum Chemical Dispense Module
Intermediary Chemical Transfer Module
Spent Chemical Drum Module
Chemical Polishing Module
Filter Wetting Rig
Emergency Walk in Drench Shower