Traditional Ducted Fume Cupboards
provide Operator Safety by taking contaminated air away from the Operator through a system of ducts and discharge fans. The fans are usually mounted externally and the ducts often routed internally sometimes through tortuous routes.

Felcon Ducted Fume Cupboards provide a safe alternative to conventional fume hoods in many applications, without the additional cost of extraction ductwork and fans. In addition the recirculatory characteristics of the air flow avoid the cost of reheating supply air back into the laboratory, which is very important when designing facilities for on-going running costs. Furthermore external environmental protection is afforded since contaminated air is not being dumped into the environment.

The Felcon Ductless Fume Cupboards provides Operator Protection without the need for such ductwork and fans. Instead it incorporates its own fan and filtration system utilising Activated Carbon Filters as its primary filtration medium. The filtered air, which is also filtered for particulate is then routed back into the room or laboratory in which the unit stands.

Felcon Ductless Fume cupboards have the following advantages over ducted versions;

They can mobile; affording flexible within a facility for future planning.
Ø  Expensive Ducts and Fans are not required.
Ø  On-going facility running costs are reduced because room reheating (air conditioning) is not required as with      ducted versions which waste high air volumes
Ø  Much lower installation costs over ducted versions
Ø  Environmental protection is provided


Fume Cupboards and Downdraught Benches

Bench Mounted Ductless Fume Cupboard with optional Particulate (HEPA) and Carbon Filtration
Ductless fume cabinet
Bench Mounted Ductless Fume Cupbaord with Carbon Filtation
Downdraught pod with carbon filtration
Downdraught sink with carbon filtration
Darkroom sink with carbon filtration
Dye stain sink with carbon filtration
Fingerprint downdraught pod
Ducted fume cupboard in polypropylene or stainless steel
Height adjustable Downdraught Bench with Sink and Carbon filtration
Solvent Based Ducted Fume Cupbaord in Stainless Steel
Downdraught Bench with HEPA and Carbon Filtration and Sink